Saturday, December 31, 2011

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Monday, December 5, 2011

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Herman Cain 2 dollar talks about their sex life

This alleged hoe name Ginger White just told the world that Herman Cain is a bad lay . WTF See this is why i only fucks with fluffies.  Fluffies keep their mouth shut and don't  want a sex tape.   Read this quote from this Ginger white 

"One time we were having sex, and I was looking up at the ceiling, thinking about 'What am I going to buy at the grocery store tomorrow? What I am going to do with my kids tomorrow?'" she said. "One time after we had sex, I cried. He said, 'Maybe we shouldn't do this for a while.' So maybe he did have a heart -- or half a heart. But I knew I needed his financial help."


White did not want hand outs but swallowed that cum like a pro hoe


White defended her decision to take money from Cain. "I am a loving mother who has always wanted to make her own way and give her kids the best. I never wanted to take a handout, and I've said no more times than I said yes," she said.


See this is when friends with benefits get out of line.  Cain claim this woman was a freind 

Cain acknowledged that he gave White financial help with "month-to-month bills and expenses," without telling his wife, Gloria. He described White as a friend but denied any sexual affair with her.


Ok , the lastest update on the fuck patorl is that White been working her monye maker with other men.  Where was this broad on my pay days. I could have paid cable 



White, who has said she had a 13-year affair with Herman Cain, on Monday told the Daily Beast’s Leslie Bennetts that “Cain wasn’t the only man who helped her financially; her work history and her sex life have long been intermingled in complex and contradictory ways.’’


all the quotes are in the daily beast  

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Reason Why Herman Cain drops out of the GOP race

As you know ,Herman Cain had his run for the GOP.  Like most men , Cain's love of pussy brought him down.  Once Hermain Cain got rich, pussy was alway there. Cain's pussy management skills appear to be weak. 

Cain's alleged long time booty call hoe ran her mouth cause the press were coming to her door and , she did not want to look like a hoe.  Yeah right, this bitch got more money from the GOP and, it must have been more then Cain evey gave her broke ass.


Let this be a lesson to you players out there, you should have them long time hoes sign a keep your mouth shout paper and pay them off before you start running for the White House. Everyone knows your dirty but, it is of no interest until you run for the race. 


If you want a lesson in politics, you need to watch the starz orignal show titled Boss.


Thursday, December 1, 2011

That dam Herman Cain cannot keep non of his hoes quiet

This old school player Herman Cain needs his player card taken from him.  This dump as was taking this hoe out of town, paying her bills and bang her has on call.  He should have paid her off and made her sign agreement to keep her mouth shut unless it was on his dick. 



This chic sold him out for more paper aka money.  Cain need to treat his hoes better for them to keep quiet.  He knew dam well he was running for a high profile office.  Please let this be a leason to you dudes that be taking car of your side hoes. 

Herman Cain needs a hoe slapper to keep his hoes in line.


<p style="width:640px">Georgia Woman Claims 13-Year Affair with Herman Cain:</p>

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