Tuesday, March 31, 2009

pool side booty

Grace Garringston live and direct

Grace Garringston

real onion

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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

hmmmmm she might

she might hmmm

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Hot sex on the plater

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over 30 babe from west

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hmmmm average

Well this is why GOD made liqour

Well, look a here .

Thug passion in orange

Hmmm I can work this . I just need a drink like she does

Women with day job

hmmm i need to check her fica rating .

I think this is someone sister but Do i care

Well i must say when the right songs comes on i will be on it

This is why i goto the club for the view

Lawd I know she and her friend got free drinks all night

lawd stand back fellas i am about to pop my bottle

THis is is for the big boys only

my word what an azz

hmm what do you think

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Jamilla work it

I think she is trying to hard but what do i know

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I know her daddy has a gun

Lawd i must say she looks good

Salt and Peper twins

Do you think these rumbs are real or does it matter

Lawd she is hiding those knockers we all love

I must she i did not pay much attention to the face but those knockers caught my eye

This female call her self Miss Kiss and she looks kissable

here profile is here

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