Sunday, November 20, 2011

some chic of the net good lawd


come hit this


another picture from the cell


loook at that side view


wow is she bannging


i would stuff this fluffy


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Is this a Herman Cain accuser in this video

Hell no , but she fits the profile lol


Teatice video

She start of slow but she gets it popping. I saw her at the mall . Had i known she pop on youtube. I would have brought a happy meal.


booty pop

I have not been to a stip joint since booty stared to pop on you tube

model sexy video chic in thongs and top less

Some of these women are ok for some model broads but, you know i like the fluffy chics

KIng pen slim videos

King Pen Slim joint . It is ok but, I need to see tits and azz in my videos

How to get a blow job of the internet dating site

If you want  a blow job from a broad on an internet dating site, you better lie about everything.  All the females want is the fanatsy.  They don't want reality.  Females say they want an honest but, you know and I know they want bills paid and a good time an no drama.


this is a message from you friend jerk me porn

All Herman Cain wanted was to live out his porn fetish

As the world watches the rise and fall of Herman Cain, many forget all he wanted was to bust a nutt in a wett hole.  Many men goto work and think about sexual act but , only the bold get office fucked or have a bitch down the hall  ready to put her knee pads


Now , We all know that Cain is a freak . Some say why Cain did not just fuck his wife. He wanted some new bitches . Hell, maybe she was not into rim jobs or maybe Cain just wanted a Snow Bunny on her knees .


I will tell you one thing. There is nothing like a blow job in the car at lunch time.  Cain just went about it wrong.  He should have gone of the internet spent some money on a hoe  fucked her and then gave her job. 



Cain forgot he was monirity playing in a majority world.