Tuesday, October 27, 2009

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Monday, October 26, 2009

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Is rosci of 106 and park a jump off

Did Rocsi of 106 and park do anything wrong

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Rosci is the host of the world famous 106 and Park. She is also on the radio station across the country on the weekends. Rosci is a social lite too and , people in that class sometimes get treated special. For example, if Rosci were to visit a small country, she more then likely would pay a visit to the host country head of estate.

Recently, Rosci allegedly was one of the many reasons LisaRaye left her husband Michael Misick. Miscick was the elected Premier of Turks and Caicos. The reason for Rosci being in Turks and Caicos is unknown but, no party has come forward and stated that an affair between Rosci and Misick ever existed.

This information was confirmed by LisaRaye herself while doing an interview on the MuthaKnows show on blogtalkradio.com. MuthaKnows pointed out that LisaRaye saw pictures of Rosci in her husband on the internet and noticed various background items in the picture that looked familiar to her. During the interview , LRaye never confirmed any proof of any type of relationship between her husband and Rosci. The only confirmation that was stated were the following. The man in the picture was her husband and , the items in the background or in the picture look like items in LRayes' home in Turks and Caicos.

Are the facts above enough to convict Rosci in the press? No, not really. For example, Obama have people over the at the White House all the time and pictures are taken with items in the background. Does this mean he is humping around on the First Lady of the United States. No, it does not. It means that Obama was playing host for his country.

If you take the same example and apply to Rosci and Misick, you will get the same answer. Today all we have an elected person doing his job by hosting various high profile people from other parts of the world in his home. Unless, all the parties involved want to make a public statement. Rosci as jump off is not guilty at this time.